USB Flash Adata 16GB OTG


USB Flash drives are indispensible for their convenience and speed, but have traditionally been limited to connecting to hosts such as desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. The UD320’s microUSB adaptor allows for connection with smartphones and tablets that support USB On-the-Go. When not using the adaptor, the UD320 can also connect to standard USB ports, facilitating data transfer between your device and your computer
Dual access storage keeps you connected
– The UD320 is equipped with a micro-USB interface that fits directly into the port of mobile devices which support OTG, without the need for a cable or an adaptor. It also has a standard USB port that can connect to USB slot of any desktop computer
Just plug it in; it’s that easy
– It is effortless to transfer data from your phone or tablet to the UD320, and vice versa. Just plug it in, and use the file system to open or move files
Compatible with all android 4.1 and higher devices
– The DashDrive Durable UD320 is the perfect companion to any device running Android 4.1 or higher operating system
Cutting-Edge COB manufacturing process
– The UD320 is manufactured through a special chip-on-board (COB) process, resulting in high water and impact resistance
Faster and more convenient than wireless
– When you need to move large amounts of data to or from your phone, like video files or high-resolution images, wireless transfer can take too long. The UD320 eliminates the hassles of slow and/or patchy connections
Back up your smartphone often
– What would happen to your contact list, your pictures, and your messages if your phone is lost, stolen, or destroyed? Plan ahead by quickly and safely backing up your phone’s data to the UD320, just in case the worst happens
Free download of android APP
– ADATA OTG USB allows file back up and sharing for android phones and tablets
– Organize photos, videos, and other files
– Play back music and videos
– Edit files: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF (copy only)
– Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename and create new folders on OTG USB Flash Drive & Android Devices
– Back up files from an android devices onto your OTG USB Flash Drive
– Use ADATA OTG SHARE to “Open in” files in lieu of other apps
– Interface: USB 2.0
– System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS 9.X or higher, with no device driver needed
– Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 8mm
– Weight: 8g

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