PSU 1200W Sama 80 Plus Platinum


– This powerful 1200W HQ-power supply made by SAMA is certificated with 80PLUS® Platinum. It ́s super silent due to the liquid bearing fan and equipped with best technology such as Full Bridge and DC/DC-Voltage-Converting for maximum stability. The high quality cable management enables a clean installation and excellent airflow for efficient cooling. 105°C-certificated premium capacitors made by CHEMI-CON (Japan) ensure maximum reliability. If needed, it can also deliver up to 98A on the 12V rail!
– With its eight PCI-Express 6+2 connectors the SAMA FTX-1200-1 Forza is well build for power consuming graphic cards. All cables are sleeved and ensure an easy handling
– > 92% efficiency
– Single +12V Pure Power Design
– Full modular layout
Power & efficiency
– Output: 1200 Watt
– ATX-Version: 2.4
– Mainboard 20 + 4 pin: 1x
– 4 Pin/4 + 4 Pin/8 pin 12V: 2x
– PCI-Express 6 + 2 pin: 8x
– IDE 4 pin (molex): 4x
– S-ATA: 12x
– Floppy: 1x
– Cable management
Other data
– Fans/-size: 1x 120mm
– Fan control: Auto
– Full range input: Auto
– 80PLUS® Certificate: 80PLUS® Platinum
– Noise level: 19-22dB
– Dimension (h/w/d): 86 x 150 x 190mm
– Weight: Net = 2.00kgs, gross = 3.89kgs

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