Headphones Energy Sistem DJ700 Porta edition

Energy Sistem

– The most powerful, and enveloping sound you will never hear
– Every verse, every scratch, every kick drum beat echoes in your head with live clarity and energy
– It's more than music, with unique design of MC Porta
– Conquer the streets!
– Porta – Exclusive design by MC Porta
– Headband – Huge and stylish
– Pro – Specially designed for long listening sessions
– Lightweight circumaural headset with high-tech enclosed transducer delivering the cleanest and purest sound
– Deep Bass Response: Enclosure that enhances the sound, providing punchy bass and crystal clear response
– Energy Sound: 108db sensitivity range, a powerful audio output
– Enormous enclosed headphones that provide perfect acoustic insulation wether walking in the streets or mixing at the club
– Able to rotate 90 degrees, so you can listen with one ear
– Wide Dynamic Range: enjoy the full soud spectrum richness thanks to the 40mm driver units
– Extra wide strip
– Synthetic leather quilted pads, maximum insulation and comfort
– iPod and iPhone compatible
– Frequency response: 15Hz-20Khz
– Impedance: 32 Ohm
– Capacity: 100mV
– Sensitivity: 108dB +/- 3dB
– Diaphagram diameter: 40mm
– Cable tapy: Parallel symmetric
– High conductivity oxygen free copper cable
– Cable run: 1.5m
– Gold-plated 3'5mm jack
– Weight: 280g

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